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Visual Marketing

In Visual Marketing (MKTG 450), I developed marketing communications through image creation tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, and Prezi. As a result, I learned how to seamlessly integrate marketing communications (print, video, web) into the technological cloud.

In current course offerings, students train to become Analytical Marketers (e.g. data mining, statistics, Excel, SPSS, GIS). Yet, image creation skills are increasingly important tools for marketing job candidates. Therefore, Visual Marketing provided the foundation for me to integrate visual skills with analytical skills.


Intermediate Techniques:
  • Students were assigned to create a professional movie poster for a hypothetical fantasy or science-fiction movie. Images were required to be pristine and blended realistically.

Concept Testing and Analytics:

  1. Segmentation: For large movie productions, it’s common for marketing teams to create more than one poster design. One of the main reasons for the creation of multiple poster variants is segmentation, a marketing strategy that involves dividing a marketing into subdivisions of consumers that vary on their needs and wants.
  2. Survey Creation: Marketers use surveys as the main instrument to formulate segmentation strategies. Through surveys, marketers can develop concepts optimized for specific consumer groups. There are two types of information marketers will try to elicit through surveys: (1) consumer preference ratings and (2) demographic and psychographic information for the respondent. Click here to view my survey conducted on Qualtrics.
  3. Analysis of Variance: After entering my data from Qualtrics to an Excel spreadsheet, I conducted an analysis. To compare the means of two or more groups, an Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) was used. ANOVA is a statistical procedure to test differences between multiple groups. Click here to access my data on an Excel spreadsheet and click here to view my summary of ANOVA ouput.

Batman v Iron Man | Movie Poster #1

Batman v Iron Man | Movie Poster #2

Batman v Iron Man | Movie Poster #3









Promotional video Project

Other Visual Work

DJ Khaled | Concert Tour Poster

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