Instagram is beating Snapchat at the influencer game

Published on April 12, 2017 | Written by 

It’s not a secret that Instagram has been slowly adding more and more Snapchat-like features to its platform. The addition of Instagram stories in August was the most obvious indicator of this, but the additions are still coming like the recent geosticker update. (By the way, since Instagram stories launched, Snapchat story vies are down nearly 20 percent)

I remember when stories rolled out and everyone immediately pointed out the Snapchat similarities. I follow a decent amount of people who you could say make their living off social media, either YouTubers or Instagram celebrities, and quite a few of them were quick to dismiss the story feature and used it to encourage followers to add them on Snapchat. However, this didn’t mean they stopped using it.

As Instagram perfected the stories feature, it became more and more popular. I would argue that it’s now one of the most powerful social media influencer tools. It’s a more intimate way to interact with a brand. The tagging feature on stories and the capability to link to other sites by swiping up increase brand visibility. It’s also worth mentioning that Instagram’s active monthly users surpasses Snapchat’s by roughly 300 million.

I think this has a lot to do with the nature of the platform. Snapchat was never meant to be a public space. What I mean by that is: Snapchat was originally something for just you and your friends. That was part of the allure, the disappearing aspect of posts. It was appealing to teens who had grown up knowing their entire internet presence could never be erased. It was an escape.

But like some other great ‘disrupters,’ Snapchat was eventually disrupted. They started adding features that took away from the core aspect of its platform, like Snapchat memories.

Instagram, however, was always more public. Brands are on Instagram, and sure, some are on Snapchat too, but that’s a harder platform to utilize for a brand. Instagram is very manicured and posts are much more thought through, making branding easy to achieve.

I would love to hear from the LinkedIn community on this. Which platform do you think is more valuable for influencer marketing? What changes (if any) do you think Snapchat will make to compete? Let me know in the comments.



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